Tom Selleck leaves server $2,020 tip and gives him heartfelt note, inspired by Blue Bloods co-star


Tom Selek is a man of good values, outstanding morals and compassion; This is something most of us know by now. For those unfamiliar with the on-screen legend, or for those who need a reminder, it would appear that Selleck went out of his way to give one lucky server a memorable end of last year.

As many people know, this situation had a severe impact on the restaurant industry. Many companies were forced to shut down and lay off employees, and those restaurants that survived worked incredibly hard to keep up with the business. As a result, in 2020, something called the Tip Challenge, an initiative to help restaurant employees, was launched.

This trend quickly came to prominence, especially after celebrities like Donnie Wallberg paid $ 2,020 for a $ 35.27 bill at one of his favorite restaurants in Massachusetts.


It should also be added that Donnie didn’t make a big deal out of his generous tip – it was actually the restaurant that made it public.

But it seems that Donnie inspired his colleague and friend, Tom Selleck.

As per reports, the Blue Bloods star left a generous tip of $2,020 for a server after a meal at a restaurant in New York in the end of 2020.

Co-star Donnie Wallberg, who plays Blue Bloods, revealed Tom’s philanthropy on social media and wrote on Twitter: “I found my TV dad Tom Selek Elios generously accepting the # 2020TipChallenge in the Upper East! Love, Dad. ”

Sellek never said anything to Donnie after learning about the tip from another source.

“Tom never mentioned it to me,” he says. “We’ve done three [Blue Bloods] dinner scenes since he did it and he never told me.”

Equalling his friend’s act of compassion with a gesture of his own, Tom’s note to his lucky server read: “For Elios, I am honoring my friend Donnie Wahlberg’s ‘tip challenge’ with my sincere hope for a better 2020. Thank you all.”

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