Chubby Checker’s interracial marriage to beauty queen Catharina Lodders is still going strong after 57 years


Chubby Checker, an American rock and roll singer, and dancer

When Checker released his version with a dancing habit, the song instantly became popular. “The Twist” revolutionized the dance movement, giving couples the freedom to separate on the dance floor.

Since then, he has received 34 songs, including the first-ever Grammy Award-winning rock and roll song.
He has also been happily married to former beauty queen Catharina Lodders for 57 years – a union that has faced many obstacles.

When the couple got married in 1964, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was introduced in the same year. The bill meant that restrictions on suffrage for African-Americans were removed, and the separation of the military, education, and basic public services was reduced, but the ban on interracial marriage remained.

Despite this mammoth obstacle, the couple still wed at Temple Lutheran Church in Pennsauken, New Jersey. The couple was 22 when they tied the knot. Rev. George L. Garver officiated their wedding ceremony and made no mention of the interracial nature of their marriage.

Checker said he loves his marriage and will work with the loaders no matter the conditions.

Checker also said his wife knew about racial issues in America but did not care. He said they got along well and played ball together because they had the same outlook on life.

Checkers met the Lords in Manila in January 1962 and proposed to her at his parents’ house in December 1963, a month after her end as Miss World.

He has delighted us with his extraordinary talent for over 80 years.

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