9-year-old boy begs for a family after his brother is adopted without him


It was a heartbreaking interview with a 9-year-old boy whose only wish was to have a family of his own. Jordan has been in foster care since he was three years old, and his biological brother, Bryson, lived apart from him, but he was the only family he had. Bryson was adopted but sadly remained in the care of ‘Jordan.’

Christopher Marlowe, Jordan’s permanency planning worker, stated that the Oklahoma Department of Human Services hoped to get Jordan and Braison closer to spending more time together.

In an interview, Christopher said: “His brother’s adoptive family has agreed to it.

The boy’s heartbreaking plight was highlighted by a television station in his native state of Oklahoma.

When asked if he could go anywhere in the world, he replied, “to an adoption party for a home.”

He wished in life only a loving family.


The video of his interview went viral and touched the hearts of thousands around the nation.

According to KFOR.com, calls were pouring in from states such as New Jersey, Florida, Illinois, and Kentucky, to name a few.

Many wanted to extend their heartfelt wishes and support to the 9-year-old who lives in a group home but loves normalcy and parents’ unconditional love.

Now, with 5,000 adoption applications, the child’s only wish for a family will finally be fulfilled.

His permanent designer says he is determined to find a lasting home with a good and loving family.

He said that Jordan had experienced many things in such a short period.

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