At 87, ‘Dr. Kildare’ actor Richard Chamberlain still looks striking, proves that men can stay gorgeous too


When Richard Chamberlain became a famous actor in the 1960s, he was loved by people worldwide, both young and old. In my mind, he was the lone heartthrob on television at the time and starred in many popular shows and movies.

Chamberlain has experienced much of his life over the years, including the burden of hiding a big secret. Today he is 87 years old.

There are so many things I will never forget in the 1960s. One of them was watching television. My absolute favorite is Richard Chamberlain, Dr. Depicts Kildare’s wonderful character.

Chamberlain was perfect for the character – I think this quote summarizes it.

“The slender, butter-haired Hunk, with his charming and sleek, intelligent demeanor close to the Ivy-League cricket game, has attracted an unwavering fan base.”

Yes, I was one of those fans, and no doubt Richard will confirm later in this article that others like me.

Of course, Richard Chamberlain was more than just a handsome doctor Kildare. He played some great characters but at the same time lived a difficult life. He loved fame, but it was something he could not escape.

Richard Chamberlain – today

Richard Chamberlain lived with his co-producer Martin Robert for a few years, but later they decided to live apart.

“We are no longer living together, and we are better friends than ever,” Chamberlain said. “So I’m in the business of advising married people to get another home.”

Richard Chamberlain was the Golden Boy of the 1960s, ranking No. 7 on the TV Guide’s list of the 25 Greatest Teen Statues on TV “.

In 2000, he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. But now that he is 87 years old, he still shines brightly and continues to star in productions.

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