Homeless Man Returns Diamond Ring That Was Given To Him By Mistake, Is Praised By Thousands.


Billy Ray Harris never thought that one good deed could change his life.

While giving him the money, a woman accidentally throws her diamond engagement ring into the cup of a homeless man, who returns it to her the next time he sees her.

She lost her ring.
Sarah Darling, a yoga instructor in Kansas City, Missouri, saw a homeless man carrying a cup for extra change and decided to give him all the coins in her wallet. The woman put the wallet in the man’s cup, and she did not remember the ring falling from her finger.

The next day Sarah realized that her ring could not be found. Then she remembered that she had given some change in her wallet to a homeless man. To find out if she accidentally dropped the ring on his cup, she decided to look for the homeless man.

She went back to the area where she saw him but he disappeared. The next day, she saw him sitting on the floor again.

“I asked him, ‘I do not know if you remember me, but I think I gave you something very valuable,'” Sarah said.

“I have it, I kept it for you,” replied the homeless man.

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