Bride Wears Her Grandmother’s Wedding Dress That’s Been In The Basement For 60 Years


This Massachusetts bride found an incredibly special “antique” for her big day. Allison married Timothy on September 25 at Turners Falls. The 23-year-old is beautiful in a beautiful white lace dress that her grandmother originally wore in 1961.
The dress made that occasion another memorable one. “Everyone praised me and thought it was a beautiful posture,” she said.

According to The Daily Mail, Livingwater grew up with her grandmother 38 years after her husband’s death, and although her grandmother remarried, the gown still brings back fond memories. Because she was dressed to marry my grandfather, that dress was emotional for her. She saved $ 2,000 because she did not have to buy a new one. Her ankle skirt and veil under the dress were the only changes she needed to make. When she first saw the dress in 2016, she knew it was something special.

As soon as I saw that dress, I realized that I wanted to wear it. If I bought my own, it would cost $ 2,000, so it would be great to save some money on creating special memories. Others celebrated the gesture by calling it a meaningful gesture. A Twitter user commented: A beautiful dress, a beautiful bride.

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June Ranson
June Ranson
5 days ago

Love the Wedding dress.Beautiful

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