Couple Adopts Four Siblings so They Aren’t Separated, Claims “Now they Are A Happy Family”


The American couple is tasked with caring for and protecting four brothers in an orphanage.

Compassion, compassion, and patience are essential for parents and extend beyond a biological bond. That is why an adoptive parent is not entirely different from a biological one. The American couple cared for four young brothers who shared an orphanage.

Brandon and Jennifer Pratt have always wanted to have as many children as possible. The family of two did not expect to grow to six overnight. When Pretz first saw the four boys at a Christian orphanage in Recife, Pernambuco, he knew they were there and did not hesitate.

“At first glance, Jennifer and I are both in tears,” Brandon confessed. “We immediately knew they were our boys,” the speaker said.

“It wasn’t easy at first, but each day has been easier, and every difficult moment, every difficult circumstance has been worth it.


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