98-year-old mom moves into retirement home to care for 80-year-old son


A mother’s love for her children is eternal, and this has been proven from the beginning. The bond between a mother and her offspring is found worldwide, not only in humans but also in the vast majority of animals. The reason mothers risk their lives to protect their pups is because it is not perfect if something goes wrong or they feel their children are struggling.

For one mother, Ada, 98, meant that her son needed help, meaning she had no problem not helping him. What’s so special about it? Her son is 80 years old.

Last year, Ada went to the Moss View Care Center in Liverpool, UK, not because she wanted some supportive lifestyle but because she wanted to be there to take care of her eldest son.

Tom Keating was the eldest of Ada’s four children and moved to Moss View a year before Ada moved. He lived with his mother for most of his life, so the couple was well accustomed to living with each other.

As a result, she followed suit and saw Ada taking a room in Moss View as a clear course. Philip Daniels, manager of Moss View, says: “It’s infrequent to see mothers and their children together in the same care home. We want to make their time as special as possible.”


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