The kindness of the IHOP employee quenched the hunger of the helpless


“We went to IHOP on 1960 Champions Forest Drive in Houston on October 30th for dinner with my family and witnessed a beautiful sight. A man walked in and sat down at a table. The employee goes over to hand him a menu, and the man explains that he has no money but is very hungry and wants just a drink. Before we could offer to pay for his meal, the IHOP employee was very kind and told the man it was ok to pick something off the menu, the man then explained again he had no money, and he was told again it was ok.

They brought him a drink, and he sat there with a pleasant look on his face waiting for his food. My heart was filled with love when I saw what a simple kind act could do for someone. I have so much respect for the employee at IHOP and IHOP as a company. Everyone should be treated with dignity and respect, and IHOP did just this.”

Credit: Courtney DeMarr Brown

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