Fast-Food Worker Buys Homeless Man a Meal and Gets an Unexpected Reward


The good deeds of Burger King fast food waiter are gaining popularity thanks to his proud mother. Michelle Resendez has posted on Facebook about the act she accidentally did while working for her son Matthew Burger King. That post-warms the hearts of millions of social media users.

According to the post, a homeless man entered the store and asked Matthew on the list what he could buy for 50 cents. Realizing the poor man’s condition, Matthew then used his debit card to buy the man a meal and told him to “sit down and relax.”

But Matthew’s good deeds went unnoticed. Later, a woman who saw what happened gave Matthew a heartfelt tip and wrote to the company about how good an employee they were.

It simply goes to show that grace spreads, and Resendez is exceptionally proud of being his mother.

“Proud to be his mother, I can knock my back knowing that I have contributed to the upbringing of this big-hearted (sic) young man,” she wrote.

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