Gorilla Carries 3-Year-Old Boy to Safety After He Fell Into Enclosure in 1996 Incident


It was a typical day at the Brookfield Zoo, and a large number of people came to visit the zoo. The zoo staff noticed some disturbance in the area where the gorillas lived. Then they saw a 3-year-old boy lying in a cage with seven gorillas. The child is scared and cries loudly.

Shortly afterward, a female gorilla named Binti-Jua approached the child. She was seen carrying the baby. The gorilla behaves as if he has sympathy for the child.

The baby was then placed in a cradle and taken to the paramedics’ position about 50 feet away and handed over to them. These female gorillas did not harm the baby.

“She picked up the boy, put him in the cradle, and walked around him,” said Zondra Katson, a zoo spokeswoman at the time.

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