5 most Banned and Abandoned places around the world that you can NEVER Visit

  1. Svalbard Norway Global Seed Vault. Near Longyearbyen, the capital of the Svalbard Islands is this reservoir. It is designed to store seed samples from around the world, to be used as an emergency resource in a global catastrophe. It has space to store more than four million samples made up of 500 seeds. In addition to being restricted, it is a place you could hardly reach: it was installed on a mountain, in the northernmost area that can be reached on a commercial flight, with one of the most challenging climates.

2. Google Data Center, Oregon, USA These are facilities where Google stores and manages its servers. This is probably one of the most monitored and secure places in the world since it is where the private data of the users is protected, but also the operating data of the company.

3. The ghost town of Famagusta. In the sixties of the last century, the Mediterranean city of Famagusta in Cyprus was the vacation destination of movie stars such as Elizabeth Taylor or Brigitte Bardot. But in 1974, Turkey invaded Cyprus, and Varosha beach was evacuated, turning into a ghost town. Still in the hands of the Turkish army, today, there are cordoned off beaches and neighborhoods that cannot be visited.

4. Fort Knox, USA. It is a United States Army base located in the state of Kentucky. In it, a large part of the United States’ gold reserves and other countries in the world that have entrusted their gold to the United States has been officially stored since 1937. The exact amount stored is not known, as none has been made. Audit since the late 1950s. Gold is found in an underground deposit, and access to it requires many checks. In addition, the entrance is protected by a steel door that weighs twenty-three tons. No person knows the complete password that allows access to the said security camera. It is a team of officials, each of whom knows only part of the key. As if all that were not enough, next to Fort Knox, a military base with a permanent garrison of about twelve thousand troops.

5. Poveglia – Italy It is a small island near Venice, world famous for its dark past. At the end of the 18th century, it became a confinement station for those infected by the bubonic plague; not only many sick people were sent here, but tens of thousands of bodies of victims who had already passed away. From 1922 to 1968, a psychiatric hospital was established on the island where, it is said, experiments and lobotomies were carried out. Today it is forbidden to access the place by visitors.

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