Kind 5-Yr-Old Brings Her Saved Coins To School To Buy Milk For Her Friend Who Couldn’t Afford It


Sunshine Oelfke, Jackie Oelfke’s 5 – year – old granddaughter, was crawling through her piggy bank one day after school and asked what she intended to do with the money. Jackie’s heart was broken and touched by the beautiful baby’s response. Jackie explained, “She said she would take it to school for milk.” “I told her I had already paid for her milk, and she looked at me and said, ‘I don’t have my friend’s milk, but I have it.’

Sunshine explained, “I bring milk money to school for my friend. Because my friend needs milk, I want my friend to get milk too. We both enjoy chocolate milk.”

One day Sunshine was collecting the rest of her change and a few dollars in hopes of buying a snowmobile, but she decided that it was essential to support her friend.

Jackie said her granddaughter consumes milk every day to help her “become stronger for snowmobiling.”

Sunshine and her grandmother went to school together the next day, and there were several plastic bags filled with money for the pretty girl’s friend. Jackie explained the purpose of the money she brought to the kindergarten counselor.

Sunshine’s consultant Rita Hauser said, “I often feel bad when I have to tell a baby ‘no’ when asked if there is milk.” Sunshine’s sympathy had a profound effect on Ms. Hauser.

Sunshine motivated Jackie to start a GoFundMe for her classmate’s milk money to earn $800 to cover everyone’s milk for the remainder of the semester. Kind people from all around the world surprised her by donating a total of $19,730.

Sunshine has decided not only to give milk to everyone in the class but also to use the remaining money to continue to buy milk and food for any of Sunshine’s classmates in need as they move forward.

Jackie said, “Money will stay with Sunshine when she goes to grade so her friends can buy milk wherever she is,” Jackie said.

Sunshine’s mentor said, “Thanks to Sunshine’s kind work for one student, it has grown so much that everyone now covers it, and it makes my heart happy.”

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