Keanu Reeves: A Life Story That Will Inspire You


If we could make a film about Keenu Reeves’s life, it would win several Oscars. Only one man can play that role well. Reeves does not always talk about the series of events that led up to who he was. He is the only one who knows every turn and turn in the life picture of his life, and he has admirable kindness and restraint in sharing his story. The incredible tragedies that befell him are only one part of the picture. Keanu Charles Reeves, an actor, film director, film producer, and musician, lost the first 20 minutes of a party dedicated to finishing filming his new film at one of the clubs in New York. He waited patiently for the rain to subside. No one recognized him.

The club owner said: “I didn’t even know Kean was waiting for the rain – he didn’t tell anyone.”

He travels by public transport.

“He communicates easily with the homeless on the street and helps them.”

– Only 56 years old (September 2, 1964)
– He can sit among ordinary people and eat a hot dog in the garden.

After filming one of the “Matrix,” he gave all the spinners a new motorcycle – to evaluate their skill.

– He gave up most of the fees for costume designers and computer scientists who wore special effects in “The Matrix” – decided to underestimate their participation in the film’s budget.

He reduced the film “Devil’s Advocate” fees and paid enough to invite Al Pacino.

– At the same time, his best friend died; His girlfriend lost a child and soon died in a car accident, and his sister had leukemia.

Keane did not break: he donated $ 5 million to the clinic where he treated his sister, refused to shoot (being with her), and created the Leukemia Foundation, donating a significant amount of money in every fee for the film.

You can be born human, but to be one.


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Lillian Masalo
Lillian Masalo
1 month ago

HI I am huge fan of Keanu. But I never reliased what an awesome bloke he is. God bless his beautiful heart. The world is a much better place to live in, when we have more down to earth people like Keanu in it. 💖🙏

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