The woman who came to bury the body, thinking the dog was dead. But..


Here we look at the complex experience of a dog and how a very kind woman managed to save that animal’s life.

The dog had been without food for days and was lying in a grassy area, suffering from injuries. The dog’s body was severely burned and damaged by sunlight.

One day a woman was walking on a busy road when she saw a dog lying on the grass. The way the dog was lying, she thought this dog was dead and there. The woman then parked her car on the side of the road and ran to the dog. She did not expect the animal to live there, but as soon as she reached the spot, the dog raised its head and looked at her. The dog’s fur had fallen off and was badly burned by the sun outside. The dog also suffered from malnutrition and was underweight without food. It had to be taken immediately to a veterinarian to save the animal’s life without wasting time.
The kind lady quickly put the dog in a basket and took it to a doctor, who also found that the dog’s body was very weak.


The dog was a female and was taken to the doctor, who tested positive for Spirit Rickets. This dog had a low level of calcium in his body, which was also fatal. And this animal has her muscles weakened, and the disease causes the legs to break and twist spontaneously. Meanwhile, some evil person had cut off her ear.

The veterinarian then administered painkillers to the dog. They also worked to give this animal a good meal. The doctor sees that the dog’s forelegs can never be cured, which are deformed by their rickets. Therefore, surgery was performed to remove the foot. In the end, the surgery was successful. This brave dog then became accustomed to living on three legs.


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