Solar storm expected to hit Earth, could make northern lights visible in New York.


Here we look at a solar flare caused by solar radiation or a geomagnetic storm. Our planet is protected from the harmful radiation of this sun by the ionosphere. But in some cases, radiation also travels through the ionosphere to the Earth. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, there is a risk of a magnetic storm soon. The reason for this is the expected arrival of CME. It could affect power grids and spacecraft. At 93 million miles, according to NOAA’s Space Weather Forecast Center, our star’s brightness increases rapidly, causing power grid ups and downs, high latitude voltage warnings, spacecraft orientation, and low Earth orbiters. Such effects are likely to occur.

According to the same news service, scientists do not expect the catastrophic effects of the disastrous Carrington incident of September 1859, which came with an earlier warning. The storm has even caused severe damage to telecommunication systems by creating strong charges near the equator. According to Sky News, the blaze occurred during a period of intense solar activity.

Sky News reports that the largest solar flare observed in 2017 created a new family of sunspots. Also, solar activity has increased every 11 years. “The dramatic process of turning particles in the Earth’s magnetic field toward the North Pole transforms into a cinematic, atmospheric phenomenon that astonishes scientists and viewers,” the website said. According to, northern light is a type of etheric wave that generates energetic particles from the sun when they hit the planet’s upper atmosphere at astronomical speeds of up to 45 million miles per hour.
These solar flares have several classes. The most intense of these is the United Class, followed by the M-1 class.

Last month, Sangeetha Abdu Jyothi, an assistant professor at Irvine University in California, warned that a solar storm could cause a worldwide large-scale Internet crash that could last several months. The damage caused by CME in 2012 was estimated at $ 2.6 trillion in the United States alone. Jyothi once told Wired that “our infrastructure is not ready for a large-scale solar phenomenon,” citing several factors, including power outages, significant traffic congestion, and global supply chain breakdowns.

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